I wanted to write a memoir, not because I have had an especially memorable life, but because I haven't (and don't). My life is an ordinary (and, in many ways, privileged) one, but I think that we all have stories to tell about ourselves, *to* ourselves, and even to others. I'm a psychotherapist and have learned in my 40-plus (yikes) years of working with people that we've all been through a lot "and have lived to tell the tale(s)." You might not think *your* stories are interesting, but they are. Maybe, after reading about my life, you'll be inspired to write (and/or draw) about your own!

I started drawing the memoir around 2019. I've had many stops and starts since then -- years of being "blocked" due to fears, COVID, all kinds of things, but I seem to have kept going. But it's still really hard to persist. I've set up this website in the hope that it will give me the structure I need to keep working on it.

Whenever I finish another little group of pages, I give it its own link -- so you can keep up with the recent stuff easily.

I hope that you enjoy it.

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